Dog License

License Your Pet Today
License Your Pet Today

For general inquiries and questions regarding licensing, adoptions, vaccines, microchips, lost & found pets, or to surrender your pet please contact:

Foothills Animal Shelter
580 McIntyre Street
Golden, Colorado 80401
Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pm Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm
Phone: 303-278-7575
Pet Licensing: 303-278-7577
Fax: 303-278-8552

Dog Licensing/Animal Control FAQ

The Foothills Animal Shelter is staffed by employees and volunteers dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families.  To increase the number of successful reunions, the Foothills Animal Shelter assumed responsibility for the administration of the pet licensing program from Jefferson County Animal Control in July 2013.

The benefits of pet licensing are many, including:

  1. Helping get more lost animals safety back to their homes and owners.
  2. Keeping our community safe by requiring current rabies vaccinations as part of the licensing process.
  3. Supporting the important mission of the life-saving care provided by the Foothills Animal Shelter for over 8,000 homeless pets in our expanded community. 

Not only is pet licensing the “right thing” to do for the health and safety of our community and our pets, failure to license your dog is a violation of Section 7-6 250 of the Edgewater Municipal Code that may result in a summons being issued to you for an appearance in Edgewater Municipal Court. 

According to the statistics released by the Foothills Animal Shelter, Edgewater has an estimated dog population of 1,657 as of July 2013.  What is interesting, but at the same time quite disappointing for us as a community, is that for all those dogs, only six (6) licenses were issued in July 2013.  The reasonable goal of the number of licenses to be issued that was established by the Foothills Animal Shelter for Edgewater is 331 licenses or a 20% compliance rate.   The six (6) licenses issued in July 2013 represent a dismal 3% compliance rate.  That 3% compliance rate is the lowest rate of compliance in the area serviced by the Foothills Animal Shelter, which includes all the major cities in Jefferson County and the unincorporated area of Jefferson County.    In other words, we need to license at least 325 more dogs in Edgewater to even reach our very modest goal of a 20% compliance rate.  We can do that.

You can register your pet online at:  Foothills Animal Shelter

Or you can also register by mail or in person at 50 licensing locations including the Foothills Animal Shelter at 580 McIntyre Street in Golden (near 6th Avenue and Indiana Street near the Jefferson County Fairgrounds) and the Edgewater Police Department, 5901 West 25th Avenue, Edgewater, CO.


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