Education has been important to the citizens of Edgewater since the earliest days of its founding.  The first school for Edgewater children was allegedly a one-room, log school house located at West 19th Avenue and Pierce Street.  Mentioned in some historical sources as the "hog hollow school" (supposedly it was beside a hog-raising farm), it had the usual amenities of the time - pot belly heating stove, outdoor toilet and drinking water fetched in pails.  When School District 21 was formed in 1872, it included Edgewater.  A brick school house, with a belfry having a bell for calling students to class, was built in 1901, at West 24th Avenue and Eaton Street.  With four classes in each of its two rooms, the school accommodated first through eighth grades.

Edgewater is currently home to Jefferson High School, Edgewater Elementary and Lumberg Elementary all a part of the Jefferson County School District.

Edgewater Elementary School
5570 West 24th Avenue
(303) 982-6050

Lumberg Elementary School
6705 West 22nd Avenue
(303) 982-6182

Jefferson High School
2305 Pierce Street
(303) 982-6056

2401 Sheridan Blvd, Edgewater, CO 80214 / Phone 303-235-8300 / Fax - 303-238-7192 /