Chief's Message




On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the Edgewater Police Department I would like to welcome you to the Edgewater Police Department website.  The website is one critical element in maintaining communication with all members of the Edgewater community.  It is an important tool in building a partnership of trust and understanding with the community.

The Edgewater Police Department is committed to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.  We will treat everyone with fairness.  And we will be problem solvers.   We need your support, your trust and your confidence if we are to maintain the safety of our community.    We will tirelessly work toward making a positive difference in the community but we simply cannot be successful without you.  This is a partnership, one in which everyone in the community has an interest and must be involved.

This website is evolving.  It will continue to evolve as new information including crime prevention tips, news media releases and even interactive website links for children and adults are incorporated into the website.  It is a work in progress.  As such, we encourage members of the community to submit suggestions for information to be included in the website.  We want the website to reflect the concerns and issues most important to the community. 

As the new Chief of Police it is my privilege and responsibility to lead this organization as a team into the future with the help of the members of the organization and the entire community.  I sincerely need you to help me navigate a course into the challenges and excitement of the future of Edgewater.  Thank you for the confidence you have placed in our Department and me.  

If you have any suggestions or comments about this website, the Edgewater Police Department and any of its members or my performance as your Chief of Police, please contact me at 720/763-3000 or      

-Sincerely, Chief Mackey 

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Edgewater Police Department to enhance the quality of life by providing a safe and secure environment through the delivery of proactive, aggressive and compassionate police services, in partnership with our community.

Core Values
Professionalism  •  Pride  •  Honor  •  Integrity  •  Courage  •  Dedication Loyalty

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