Current Utility & Infrastructure Projects

Find projects/ improvements that are being conducted in the City of Edgewater. Below are two links to two pages that include all current utility and infrastructure projects. The Non-City Projects page includes all projects within Public Right of Ways that are being facilitated by contractors. The second page, City Projects, displays all City initiated projects. Please feel free to utilize the contact information to contact project managers with any interest. If you have any other questions about other work not listed please feel free to call the City of Edgewater at 720-235-8300. For any emergency after hours please contact the Public Works On-Call at 720-989-5263.

City Projects

Concrete Work:

Ahead of the asphalt paving scheduled for late this Spring, the City of Edgewater is working with a contractor to repair/replace concrete. Concrete work will begin this week (4/18/16), weather dependent. Repair/ replace work includes replacing broken curb, gutter and street pans, replacing broken or heaved sidewalk and installing new ADA ramps on sidewalk corners. If you have any questions about this project please feel free to call 720-763-3012. 


Another crazy week is finishing up in Edgewater with the paving crews. I know this week was most likely the busiest week for paving yet. Again another big thanks to everyone's patience and cooperation in getting this project completed. Below is the schedule we are looking at for next week.


Completed Streets:

     2200, 2400 & 2500 Block of Gray St.

     2500, 2400, 2200 & 2000 Blocks Fenton St.

     2500, 2400, 2200 & 2000 Blocks of Depew St.

     2500 Block of Chase St. (small South Section to complete)

     2500 & 2200 Blocks of Benton St.

     2500, 2400 & 2000 Blocks of Ames St.

     5300 Block of 22nd Ave.

     5200 - 5600 Blocks of 24th Ave.

     5200 - 5900 Blocks of 25th Ave.

     2200, 2400 & 2500 Blocks of Eaton St.


Monday, June 20th

     2000 Block of Eaton St. - Final Lift

     5200 Block of 22nd Ave. - Final Lift

     2200 Block of Ames St. - Final Lift


Tuesday, June 21st

     2400 Block of Benton St. - Final Lift

     5900 Block of Harlan St. - Final Lift

     2400 Block of Chase St. - First & Final Lift


Wednesday, June 22 - Friday June 24

     Project clean up


We have put one street on hold due to some issues:

     2000 Block of Gray St. - Sub-grade needs to dry out.


Thanks again for everyone's patience. If you need any further information please feel free to call 720-763-3012
2401 Sheridan Blvd, Edgewater, CO 80214 / Phone 303-235-8300 / Fax - 303-238-7192 /