Engineer & Planner

City Engineer
The City Engineer is responsible for reviewing development that impacts the city’s streets and utilities.
Engineer FAQ

City Planner
City Planning is committed to assisting the community in realizing its vision and ensuring Edgewater continues to be a great place to live, work and do business. City planning administers land use projects including site development plans, subdivision plats, zoning changes and other various types of development review applications. City planning works closely with applicants, citizen groups and referral agencies, as well as the City’s appointed and elected officials, to ensure projects are in compliance with City plans and regulations. Additionally, City Planning provides advanced planning services including the preparation and periodic update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, various planning regulations and tools.

Under the direction of the City Manager, City Planning provides a host of other services including those related to downtown revitalization, historic preservation, economic development, signage, customer service support, as well as code enforcement and inspections.
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