Smoke Free Regulations

Edgewater provides one of the best indoor workplace and outdoor dining/seating protections from exposure to tobacco, e-cigarette, and marijuana smoke and vapor in Colorado. The City of Edgewater recognizes that it is in the best interest of the health of our community to assure protections from involuntary exposure to environmental smoke and vapor in most areas open to the public, public meetings, food service establishments, and places of employment. While use of tobacco for people over 18 years of age is legal, and use of medicinal and recreational marijuana is legal with certain limits, use of these products in public pose both legal and practical risks. While public use of marijuana is expressly prohibited by law, use of electronic devices can often conceal the ingestion of the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. Additionally, prohibiting smoking/tobacco use in workplaces and select outdoor public places is a proven approach to reducing exposure to smoke, reducing youth initiation/use, and helping those who are ready to or working on quitting

Smoking Regulations FAQ
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