Community Services

Celtic Harvest Festival
Celtic Harvest Festival
Community Services includes:

  • Building Department -The City of Edgewater issues building permits for construction activities within the City limits. The kinds of permits covered are structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing.
  • Engineering Department - The Engineering Department oversees development and capital projects related to the town's streets, water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer infrastructure.
  • Parks and Recreation Department - The Edgewater Parks, Recreation & Culture Department oversees the provision of services related to recreation and cultural opportunities for the entire community through quality programs, facilities, service and management of natural resources.
  • Planning Department - The Planning Department oversees development and annexation proposals, building permits, and zoning classification.
  • Public Works Department - The City of Edgewater Public Works Department oversees the management of the City’s water, sewer, storm drain, and transportation systems, along with maintenance of public areas. The Public Works Department’s projects and services are vital to the growth, health, safety, comfort, and quality of life for the community.
Attached Document or FileMunicipal Code Provisions Regarding Department of Community Services
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